Innovative Hobby Supply Guardrail - Version 5

PhotoReal FITS: Aurora, Model Motoring -Style 5 / Black & White Checkered

Quick Overview

Dimensions Per Rail: 31" x 1"  or  (78.74 cm x 2.54 cm)
Number of Rails Included: 3
Fits Scale Tracks: 1:64
Style: Checkerboard Three Piece Set

USA MADE: Finally for the first time in 50 years there is now a better solution to standard guard rails. This new design guard rails will not only look better but will cause way less crashing. This new smooth guard rail system is clipless and gives you 1/8" extra track room for your cars. Your slot cars will now slide smoothly around corners for the FIRST TIME! 
See why "Soft Rail" is the leading in slot car guard rails below.

Our proprietary PROFLEX material will NEVER scratch or damage your cars like hard plastic guard rails.
Our amazing HD Graphics will completely change the look of your track layout.
Our guard rail system is completely seamless and installs in seconds.

Installs around any curved track layout for inside or outside lanes.
Increase your lap times and achieve smoother slot car action!
Our guard rails do NOT use clips that can cause de-slotting.
Our Soft Rail guard rail set gives you up to a full 1/8" more room on your track.

Our "Soft Rail" guards are made with High Def graphics on a smooth soft touch PROFLEX.

The rails are made with a smooth flexible material that will not scratch your slot car bodies like all other rail systems.

Each rail is made with our durable proprietary material. They can be easily cut to any length. Our large 31" sections offer large seamless curves wich means far less de-slotting.
The soft rail guards are easy to install and don't require clips for installation. You no longer have to worry about unhooked or broken clips.
No more thick seams that cause friction, snags, and abrupt stops that have been a problem since slot car racing was invented. Once you switch to our "Soft Rail" sytem you will never go back to old fashioned guard rails again. You'll now be able to obtain top speeds without derailing your slot car caused by standard guard rails.

The graphics are high definition, crisp, and colorful - they will work great alongside your AFX track.

Installation: You just peel-and-stick the rail to a clean track edge. and you're done.

Suitable For: HO 1/64 slot car tracks

Works Great With:
  • AFX brand tracks
  • Aurora brand tracks
  • Auto World brand tracks
  • Tyco brand tracks
  • Tomy brand tracks
  • Johnny Lighting brand tracks
  • Carrera Go brand tracks
And many other 1/64 scale tracks.

Guard Rail Features Include:
  • Waterproof - Can be easily cleaned and washed.
  • Flexible PROFLEX - For easy installation around any curve. Plus they are durable and built to last.
  • High Def Graphics - High Def graphics that look like authentic guard rails.
  • Realistic - Looks great applied to AFX and other Slot Car tracks.
Please Note: We're sorry our soft rail guards do not include scale cars, tracks, or vehicles.  They are shown only for display purposes.

What you get:
(3) 31" x 1" Soft Rail Guard Rails.  Please measure your track and order as many sets as you need.