OS3 All Pro Controller
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32 Pro Lite

  The 32 Pro Lite is an 32nd Scale electronic controller featuring all the basics of the Pro Series controllers. Click here to review the Pro Series Basic Features.   It is intended for use with All 1/32 cars.   It features:

- Adjustable Sensitivity.   Provides a wide range that is set to run all 1/32 cars running on 10-12V.

- Adjustable Brakes.   A 25 ohm brake pot provides the best braking range for 1/32 racing.

- Adjustable Choke.   Choke will flatten out the response of the controller.   This allows the entire range of the trigger to be used in controlling the car vice just a small portion.   The Choke is fully bypassed at the full trigger pull.   Choke increases the jump between the last band and the full power band to achieve the flatter response.  . This feature can be useful when wanting to take the power just below full power for a slower and repeatable speed trigger position, "blipping the controller."   The RED Brake wire does not have to be connected for Choke to function.


32 Pro Lite Controls

Sensitivity Knob - Fully CCW is the lowest sensitivity for the slowest starting speed within the selected Sensitivity Range.  Fully CW is the highest sensitivity for the highest starting speed within the selected Sensitivity Range.

Choke Knob - Fully CCW provides the most choke, the flattest response.   Fully CW provides the lowest choke or normal linear response.

Brake Knob - Fully CCW provides the most brakes 0 ohms.   Fully CW provide the least braking at 25 ohms.   To completely remove all braking the RED Brake wire needs to be unplugged.