JAG Hobbies
TR-3 and DR-1 Lubrication


How to lubricate the JAG Hobbies DR-1 and TR-3 chassis

-          The most common issues reported with DR-1, NC-2 and TR-3 chassis are heat related.

When the chassis is run without oil, heat builds between the armature shaft and the bearing.  Not only does this cause heat to transfer directly into the plastic chassis but it also shrinks the bearing eliminating clearance which adds more resistance to the armature and results in heat buildup in the armature.   This heat will cause armature and chassis failure.  A lack of lubrication will also increase wear between all of the moving parts, decreasing the life of the chassis.

-       Regular lubrication will not only decrease wear and heat but will also increase the performance.

-        The Dr-1, NC-2 and TR-3 chassis are basically the same chassis with identical components except for the bare chassis, axles, wheels and tires.  Lubrication on these chassis are identical.

-          We recommend a light synthetic oil for the bearing and axle lubrication and a Teflon grease for the gears.  These are available from our web site.

-          The chassis should be lubricated before every use, when the performance drops or when there is any unusual noise.

o   To lubricate the bearings, place a small drop on the front of the front bearing and between the pinion gear and bearing on the rear.  The front axle should be oiled from the top and oil the rear axle from the bottom.

o   Add a small dab of grease on the gears and allow it to work in.

-          Thank you for your purchase and I hope you enjoy running them as much as I did making them