Trouble Shooting the JAG Chassis

This page is to help those having problems with their DR-1, TR-3 and NC-2 chassis.

These are some of the problems our customers have had and how to fix them.
If you have an issue or want to share a fix, please contact us by email at and we'll add it to the list.
We will also use this information to make future releases of our chassis better.

Thank you to all of those who have helped us develop these chassis.

Problem Possible Cause / Solution (click on solution for more information)
Car / chassis sticks on track or turns
Guide Pin is too long
Loses power when sitting on track
Guide Pin is too long

Pick-up Shoe may need adjustment

Chassis may need lubrication

Gears binding
Wheel base is too long or too short Move front wheels to alternate location
Problem not listed
or if the above did
not fix the problem
Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
It may require returning the chassis / car for replacement.


Guide Pin is too long

The standard guide pin on the TR-3 and NC-2 is designed for the newer tracks with deeper and wider slots. 
If you are using some of the older track, try the supplied plastic guide pin or purchase a shorter metal pin (available separately)


Pick-up Shoe Adjustment

The angle on the "elbow" of the shoe is too sharp.

This causes the top of the p/u shoe to lose contact with the brush barrel.


Straighten the "elbow" a little until the bend is flush with the bottom of the chassis.


Chassis Lubrication

All chassis should be lubricated where indicated on the schematic (in red)
We recommend a light synthetic oil on the bearings and axles and a Teflon grease on the gears.
A drop of oil at each location and a small dap of grease is sufficient.
A plastic safe lubrication must be used and we recommend the Labelle products (#106 and #108)

TR-3                       DR-1

Gear Adjustment

All chassis are tested prior to shipment.  However, there can be instances where the gears may be tight.
In most cases, the gears will wear in and have no ill effects. 
If the chassis does get hot, insure that the gears move smoothly. 
If they are tight, some material may be removed from the hub or the spacer moved away from the pinion.


Wheel Base Adjustment

All JAG Hobbies chassis have an adjustable wheel base (except for the PR-5)
To adjust:
Snap front axle assembly out from the top and snap back in desired location (Note: does not apply to the DK-4)
Use a wheel puller (you can also use a screw driver to pry it off) to remove one of the front wheels, remove the axle, put in desired location and reinstall wheel.


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Note:  This chassis contains small parts and is recommended for ages 16+.